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Creating Unforgettable Moments with TEKA

We combine quality, convenience and efficiency in everything we do, to achieve the best solution for your home. Our main goal is to create meaningful experiences to share with your loved ones.

Cook your way to life

The kitchen is the heart of your home. In Teka, we design appliances to be the soul of your kitchen. Because it is here where life is cooked, where some of the best moments of our lives take place.

The kitchen is more for us than just a place where meals are made. It is a place to laugh, to dream, to contribute, to talk, to make decisions, to share news, to make life plans and, in the end, a place to live unforgettable moments.

For all these reasons, we design and manufacture appliances to bring solutions and real innovation to the kitchen, solutions that fit with your life style and in harmony with your home.

Every day we work to better understand your needs and bring new solutions to help you out by finding new possibilities in the kitchen.

TEKA trademark, born in Germany, relies on quality, technology and innovation. Teka products are known worldwide for their reliability, efficiency and precision. Today, after almost 100 years of history, Teka keeps working exhaustively to give all of its products the best functionalities and design to reach excellence in every step.

TEKA values, deeply rooted in our company, are clear: Honesty, Generosity and Originality. This means we work for you and we are always by your side, helping you to solve your everyday problems with world class quality solutions.

Customer satisfaction is our main concern. We have strived from our very beginning towards best quality products, the most modern and original designs, and the best innovations at a fair price.