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About Tilottoma

We Have The Right Products to Fit Your Needs.

Tilottoma means symbol of beauty. The company Started in early eight,s when the country was discouraging studies in Architecture in absence of their career opportunities, the founder of Tilottoma being an educated person, a chartered Accountant, felt the vacuum and thought it appropriate, while some one making a home,Tilottoma surely participated in the beautification of its interior.

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Our Mission

Our prime mission it to create one stop solution for all residential needs with quality products with entire satisfaction of customers. From very inception till today we are gradually taking initiative to achieve our goal. Tilottoma is the pioneer in assuring quality products at fair prices. We are committed to customer TO PAY BACK FOR UNUSED MATERIALS, an unique phenomenal in Bangladesh in the field of existing practices ONCE SOLD NOT RETURNABLE. Tilottoma quality control, printed brochure standardizing consumption (per SFT) guiding customers to right quality for using in their premises.Creating awareness in the mind of our valued customers gave us tremendous momentum to open separate ceramic and mosaic divisions.

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Our Vision

Our capital is populated by approximately 12 million people, So far the home builders could make around 100,000 apartments, although the need of the time is around 10,00,000 apartments, which with time passing, will expand and grow.To meet the rising expectation of the city dwellers, we are trying to meet the challenges in our field to bring solution to customer needs as well as in the overall benefits in this sector in Bangladesh.